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Abgeschickt von peter dublin am 23 Februar, 2011 um 17:12:24

Uber u.a. Geschäftspolitik in Europa hinter die Verordnungen
gegen Gluhbirne....

The Light Bulb Ban

Summary =
Why light bulb regulations are wrong - from every perspective

Official USA, Canada, EU and Australia links to energy efficiency regulations on lighting

The Politics behind banning Light Bulbs =
The involvement of manufacturers and other vested interests,
as seen by official USA and EU documentation and communication

Light Bulb Basics =
Safe -- Old ain't Bad -- Popular -- Unpopular -- Cheap -- Useful -- Proven Heat Benefit -- Ban on 100W+ Bulbs -- All Lights are Different -- Using Lights at Home

Lighting Energy, Emissions and Cost =
Emissions not justify a ban
Bans in Canada and other cool/temperate climate regions
Money savings not justify a ban
Energy/Emission/Cost savings rundown
Price factors -- Usage factors
Incandescent usage: Heat Effect -- New light efficient types
CFL usage: Energy Use -- Brightness -- Turning on-off -- Lifespan
Lifecycles -- Switchover cost

The Overall Small Energy Savings =
USA Dept of Energy data, less than 1% of energy usage saved
Why Power Plants are not saved, regardless of what the ban savings are

CFL Safety =
Home Safety -- Radiation -- Health

The CFL Mercury Issue =
Breakage -- Recycling -- Dumping -- Mining -- Manufacturing -- Transport -- Power Plants

End Notes =
What is the hurry to ban now?
Additional comments on the EU legislation

Light Bulb Policies Compared =
Free Markets or Taxation or Regulation:
How does one stimulate the manufacture of good energy efficient lighting?

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